Eco Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Biodiversity

There is no other country that is blessed with a great biodiversity than Costa Rica. Despite the relatively small size of this Central American nation, it is home to quite a number of unique and diverse species of flora and fauna as well as a wide range of different animal creatures both marine and wildlife. This country is blessed with so much vegetation that it is considered as the ‘greenest’ in the world. Various national parks were created to preserve Costa Rica’s biodiversity and provide refuge for these different species. Its government makes sure that sustainable programs are being undertaken to develop new and effective ways to preserve and improve it’s rich biodiversity.

There are thousands of bird species found in Costa Rica. (Photo:

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Best Costa Rica Beaches

Surfing Jaco - Costa Rica Beaches

Surfing Jaco - Costa Rica Beaches

Surfing in Costa Rica Beaches

Jaco Beach and Hermosa are two of the most famous Costa Rica beaches for surfers. There are annual and seasonal professional tournaments held on both shores, thanks to their wonderful setting and great waves. Jaco Beach is located in the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and it is often called the Costa Rican Daytona Beach. Apart from surfing, you can also enjoy deep sea fishing and ATV tours. There are adventures starting from Jaco and Hermosa all throughout the season which extend to the surrounding wild jungles. Although these two beaches are not the best for swimming because of the rocky shores and high tides, they are fantastic for water sports. However, if you are looking for a quiet and romantic beach holiday, it is not the best option. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs to choose from, and local restaurants offer authentic seafood dishes.

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All Inclusive Costa Rica Holiday Break

All Inclusive Vacations Costa Rica

Being in a vacation with your family or group of friends make it a lot more memorable. It is nice to share the same experience together. This is why all inclusive packages are designed to give you a better option when travelling together with your family and friends. Costa Rica resorts and hotels offer various all inclusive packages great for everyone. Below are some of the most recommended all inclusive deals for your own Costa Rica vacation.

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Great Costa Rica Family Trip Bargains

Family Holidays in Costa Rica

Taking a trip together with your family can be a little bit stressful. This is even more challenging when travelling abroad. But as they say, better be ready than be sorry. A great vacation abroad especially when you have little kids with you requires a great preparation. However, when you are planning a holiday getaway to Costa Rica, you will find that there are various resorts that will help you ease your stress because of their great services dedicated to doting parents who also want to have a relaxing vacation.

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All Inclusive Holiday Deals to Costa Rica

All Inclusive Holidays in Costa Rica

Spending holidays in Costa Rica through an all-inclusive package is a great way to spend your holidays in this beautiful country. All-inclusive Costa Rica holidays continue to become a favorite among families and couples these days. They are being offered by various resorts and hotels that range from the cheapest to the most luxurious. They are really great as they include mostly the important elements of your vacation–accommodations, meals and some tours. These packages are simply the best! Check out some of the best all-inclusive deals in Costa Rica. Continue reading

The Best Panama and Costa Rica Getaways

In case you want to tour a good part of Central America, why not plan a family vacation touring Costa Rica and Panama. There are various ways in which you can get into these countries during your vacation. If you love exploring nature and would like to see some of the most colorful wildlife in the world, then read our complimentary guide to planning these great destinations for the ultimate family getaway. Continue reading

Top Destinations in Costa Rica

You might find it hard to finalize your perfect itinerary in Costa Rica. Why? There are simply a lot of things to see and explore in this beautiful country. One visit is never enough to see the whole beauty this nation can offer. To give you a great jumpstart for your Costa Rica getaway, I will give you my most recommended attractions of Costa Rica. Continue reading

Costa Rica Vacations

Families all over the world are looking for an ultimate vacation spot. If you want more from your holiday like sitting on the beach and visiting museums, you need to visit Costa Rica. There are plenty of things to see in the country-from natural reserves to museums and aboriginal villages. There are different places you can visit in Costa Rica. Below article we give you an overview of the best places for family vacations.


How to Plan Your Costa Rica Vacation

Planning and preparation are the key elements to make a perfect holiday to Costa Rica. These are true especially when you planning on bringing along your little kids with you. In this article, we will give you tips and recommendations about your vacation in Costa Rica as well as the most popular Costa Rica holiday destinations and packages, plus  the tourists attractions to help you create the ultimate adventure you will remember for a lifetime.

The Best Time To Go

Surfing in Tamarindo Beach

There are some popular months when most people visit the country. In January and February, there are many tourists, as this is the middle of the Costa Rica dry season. You  can enjoy surfing, scuba diving, touring the jungles and even see the turtles hatching from their eggs. The temperature during this time is fantastic, and most bars and restaurants are busy. If you plan to travel during the dry season, you will need to bring along a lot of sun protection with you as these times might become to hot and humid. But no need to worry since the waters of Costa Rica can quench you. Make sure to keep yourselves hydrated by drinking a lot of water and liquids.

Getting there

You would like to book your flights in advance. There are two international airports, and once you have the destination for your travel, you can choose between San Jose and Liberia. There are fantastic Costa Rica attractions close to both of them, but do not forget that you will need to arrange airport transfer as well. San Jose is the best to arrive at, if you want to visit Alajuela or Carrillo and the Caribbean Coast. Liberia Airport is closer to the Golfo de Papagayo with a lot more tourists attractions and beaches.

All Inclusive Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Enjoy an all-inclusive Costa Rica vacation

You can get a great deal with local tours and save money when you avail of an all inclusive vacation package. Most of these packages include your accommodation to a great hotel, buffet meals and some tours. You need to compare the offers, to see which tours, transfers and Costa Rica attractions are included so you can avoid disappointments. Some hotels also offer wellness packages, and there are some fantastic places located in the heart of the rain forest, if you want to experience a whole new kind of adventure. Yoga courses are also available from some hotels. If you travel with small kids, there is also an opportunity to arrange babysitting and kids’ programs at the hotel.

Tours and Transfers

Although you can book your tours at your Costa Rica holiday destinations, there is no guarantee that you can get in. You can find some local tour operators on the Internet and make a booking, enquire about the prices and availability. You should also make sure that if you are spending your vacation at various different places; your transfer will be booked and arranged. Some websites will be happy to help you with your schedule, and this will come useful if you plan to travel with kids.