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When in Costa Rica, explore San Jose

Teatro Nacional

San Jose is the capital of the beautiful country of Costa Rica and the largest city. It is obviously where you can find the seat of government and other major establishments. The city of San Jose boasts a beauty that is a mix of the old and new. This makes San Jose a destination itself. It is equally beautiful and very much livable. Never miss to explore the city of San Jose when you visit Costa Rica.


Important Things You Need to Know When Visiting Costa Rica

Much have been said about Costa Rica. True, that it is probably among the most beautiful countries to visit. True, that it is quite like a paradise here on earth. True, it has the most beautiful beaches and people..and our list could go on. But what are the things that your travel agent doesn’t tell you about Costa Rica? Here, I give you some facts about Costa Rica that your travel agent will never tell you.


Why choose to live in Costa Rica?

Healthy Lifestyle in Costa Rica

The word ‘paradise’ is always an understatement to describe this incredible country. Costa Rica has so many things to boast for but it is always the people that come visit the country that always prove this things to be true. Costa Rica is a great place to live and there is absolutely no question about that. From its unparalleled beauty to its friendly citizens, Costa Rica can be a heaven here on earth.


Wonderful Volcanoes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known to be the world’s “greenest” nation. This is due to the rich vegetation and wonderful wildlife resource found in this country. It has almost 70 volcanoes despite its relatively small size. It has six known active volcanoes that are mostly visited by tourists because of its nearby sites especially the great number of hot springs. This is why Costa Rica is also coined as the most alive nation of the world.  Here, I give you the most visited volcanoes in Costa Rica.

1. Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano can be considered the most visited volcanoes. It is a beautiful cone-shaped active volcano and is known to be the most active among its volcanoes until 2010. It is a favorite destination because you can still see spewing of lava in the crater of the volcano that is guaranteed to be a breathtaking sight. You may also enjoy doing horseback riding and feel refreshed in one of the hot springs present here.


Travel Guides to Costa Rica


Lonely Planet's Travel Guide to Costa Rica

One of the best travel guides to Costa Rica is Lonely Planet’s travel guide. Probably the most comprehensive of all travel guides, this book provides its readers the perfect itinerary to Costa Rica.

This travel guide will tell you the best activities to do when in Costa Rica. From whitewater rafting down to sunbathing in laid-back Montezuma, drinking in an open-air bar in Cahuita, everything you need is here. (more…)

Favorite Adventure Activities in Costa Rica

Surfing in Jaco Beach

Costa Rica is a paradise for those people who wants to experience the thrills and chills. It is a place where you can do so many activities particularly sports and other physical excursions for the wild at heart. Let me give you the most exciting adventures that you may undertake when in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica is known its beautiful beaches and waves. Surfers come here to annually to compete in surfing competitions or just plainly enjoy the breaks of the water. Jaco and Hermosa beaches are the most favorite.  (more…)

Eco Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Biodiversity

There is no other country that is blessed with a great biodiversity than Costa Rica. Despite the relatively small size of this Central American nation, it is home to quite a number of unique and diverse species of flora and fauna as well as a wide range of different animal creatures both marine and wildlife. This country is blessed with so much vegetation that it is considered as the ‘greenest’ in the world. Various national parks were created to preserve Costa Rica’s biodiversity and provide refuge for these different species. Its government makes sure that sustainable programs are being undertaken to develop new and effective ways to preserve and improve it’s rich biodiversity.

There are thousands of bird species found in Costa Rica. (Photo:

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Cheap Flights to Costa Rica

Why Travel to Costa Rica

Why Travel to Costa Rica

Why Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for family vacations and romantic weekends. As fuel prices go up every day, you will find that there are a lot of affordable things that you can do and discover in this country. You can get some cheap flights to Costa Rica, no matter if you are traveling for a weekend or for a long holiday. You will need to decide which airport to choose: Liberia Airport is closer to the Guanacaste region where most beaches are, or head on to the capital city, San Jose, to discover the charm of the bustling metropolis. There are excellent connections and services from all international destinations. Flying your way throughout this country is very much encouraged than roaming around on land.

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All Inclusive Costa Rica Holiday Break

All Inclusive Vacations Costa Rica

Being in a vacation with your family or group of friends make it a lot more memorable. It is nice to share the same experience together. This is why all inclusive packages are designed to give you a better option when travelling together with your family and friends. Costa Rica resorts and hotels offer various all inclusive packages great for everyone. Below are some of the most recommended all inclusive deals for your own Costa Rica vacation.

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Great Costa Rica Family Trip Bargains

Family Holidays in Costa Rica

Taking a trip together with your family can be a little bit stressful. This is even more challenging when travelling abroad. But as they say, better be ready than be sorry. A great vacation abroad especially when you have little kids with you requires a great preparation. However, when you are planning a holiday getaway to Costa Rica, you will find that there are various resorts that will help you ease your stress because of their great services dedicated to doting parents who also want to have a relaxing vacation.

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